In the early 1950's the young teenage Elvis had many influences and listened to music of all genre's. He was a fan of Johnnie Ray who was the biggest star at that time, and also a fan of Dean Martin and film stars Tony Curtis and James Dean. Knowing this, it is easier to see how the young Elvis was formed. Being born in the South he listened to a lot of country, gospel and blues music and it is the total of all these influences which gave us the unique singer and performer we now know so well.

Whilst this show does not try to present a 'clone' or 'pretend' Elvis as so many 'jumpsuit Elvis' are, it concentrates on the true story and the true sounds of that historic time.

It sets the stage briefly in the era just prior to Elvis walking into the Memphis Recording Service Studio in 1954 to record a song for his mother and then quickly gets into the nitty gritty of the start of Rockabilly Music which was accidentally created on July 1954 with, 'That's alright Mama'.

From there, it goes through the highs and lows of his time on the road as the Hillbilly Cat with musicians Scotty More and Bill Black who were known as The Blue Moon Boys, right up to his release from the army in 1960.

In suitable venues the show features rarely seen audio visual which totally sets the mood..

Unlike most biographical music shows, this show is casually presented to help the audience relax and enjoy the trip back to this easier and more relaxed time. The list of nearly 30 songs includes all his well known RCA Records hits of the time and an incredible selection of songs he recorded for Sun Records prior to 'Heartbreak Hotel;' and his RCA career.

Being a product of that exact same era, Lonnie Lee's voice and style is naturally not unlike that of the early Elvis so it is very easy to hear the feelings and nuances that were the young Elvis.

Anyone who appreciates musical talent, the energy of early rock'n'roll and the melodic songs of the pre English rock scene, will love this show.

It is a refreshing break away from the shows which present fifties Rock'n'Roll in cartoon fashion of colour and dance.

This is real, authentic and so exciting, you will get to feel why it took the world by storm. Why radio couldn't get enough of this new sound and why Elvis became the greatest performer in the history of the word.

Come see and hear for yourself. With Lonnie Lee who is one of the most credible stars of that era as its presenter, you just can't miss it.